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What is TReDS?

TReDS is an institutional mechanism set up in order to facilitate the discounting of trade receivables of MSMEs from corporate buyers through invoice discounting by multiple financiers. This step is deemed to augment the trade account receivable management of the micro, small & medium enterprises.

Salient features of TReDS

Easy access to fund

No paperwork

Single platform for Sellers, Buyers, and Financiers

Transact online

Competitive discounting rates

Seamless data flow

Benefits of TReDS

Collateral Free Non-Recourse Finance

Off Balance Sheet Funding

Disbursement in 24 Hrs*

Lowest Interest Rates

Easy Digital Onboarding

Portal Training & 100% Assistance

100% Data Security

M1xchange TReDS

The Reserve Bank of India granted approval to Mynd Solutions Pvt Limited to set up and operate M1xchange, the first trade receivable exchange in India. M1xchange has digitally transformed the process of gaining access to working capital for MSMEs via invoice discounting through multiple financiers. TReDS is an answer to the everlasting cash flow issues of the MSMEs in India and effective solution to drive the MSME sector to the next phase of Indian economy.

On November 2, 2018 the Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises issued a notification stating that all companies registered under Companies Act and having a turnover of more than INR 500 crores and all Central Public Sector Enterprises are required to on board a TReDS platform, thus making TReDS registration mandatory for such companies. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) in every state has been nominated to be the competent authority to monitor the compliance of this notification.

MSMEs get greater access to finance, at competitive rates without providing any additional collateral. Also, the financing is without recourse to the MSMEs.

Corporates save on procurement cost through an improved negotiation of financing term for its vendors.

Financiers get an opportunity to build PSL asset portfolio on Trade Receivable Exchange platforms like M1xchange.

M1 can help get a multi-Financier supply chain finance program up and ready in 7 days!

M1xchange Flow

Submit KYC details - one time

Sign agreement - one time

Financiers assign limits - unsecured

Ready for transaction!

Tie-up with 10 Financiers without M1

Submit KYC details - once for every bank

Sign agreement - once for every bank

Financiers assign limits - may be secured

Ready for transaction!

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