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M1 - Online Exchange for Trade Receivables

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M1’s Trade Receivables Discounting System “TReDS” is an online exchange being set up under the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate discounting of invoices and Bills of exchange on a PAN India basis. Key participants in TReDS are Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises “MSME” (“the Suppliers ”), large Corporates including PSUs and Govt. Departments (“the Buyers”) and Banks/NBFCs (“the Financiers”). M1 aims to provide MSMEs Supply chain related cash flow finance at competitive rates through an open bid process via multiple financiers. Financing on M1 is “Without Recourse” to MSME supplier as per RBI guidelines. M1 employs the latest technologies to ensure the authenticity of the underlying transactions.

Mynd Online National Exchange has been launched in April 2017, to set-up and operate TReDS under the Payment and Settlement System (PSS) Act 2007. Mynd solutions is one of the very few entities approved by RBI to set up this online platform which is known as M1xchange


To channelize MYND’s leading practices to offer best-in-class Trade receivables exchange for MSMEs, Corporates & Financiers; ensuring seamless liquidity flow between all stakeholders, contributing to the country’s growth.


To provide solution-based approach adept with innovation & flexibility towards financing solutions for stakeholders.

Management Team

Message from the Director

Sundeep Mohindru

Small and Medium enterprises globally are seen to have stress arising out of the delayed realisation of receivables. Developed markets provide receivable solutions in a wide variety of products by the bank as well as non- bank entities. However in the Indian context largely such options were so far not available to Small and Medium enterprises.

M1 aims to improve the flow of funds to MSME enterprises by reducing the receivable realisation cycles. This will benefit the industry by providing the much needed cash flow on unsecured basis which has been a long standing ask from the industry.

By harnessing the latest digital technology tools M1 will endeavour to bridge this gap. The financiers will be able to easily find receivables that are authenticated digitally by the counterparties and fund them. The operationally inefficient process employed currently which requires a lot of time and effort for authentication and verification of the genuineness of the transactions will be replaced by easy and effective process driven by technology.

M1 will also provide a transparent and open architecture system for all the stake holders. This will bring in the transparency in pricing and other related aspects of the transaction. The efficiencies will create significant value for the Suppliers, Buyers and Financiers in the system. This has the capability of transforming the way the receivable finance and other supply chain finance solutions are operating currently. Looking forward for your active participation in our journey to bring about a positive change in this space.

About Mynd Solutions

Mynd Solutions is a leading global service provider in business process and technology management, offering broad spectrum of services in Finance and Accounting (FAO), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), Information Technology (IT) and Consulting.

Mynd Solution's approach puts process at the forefront, understanding the value it brings to a company in driving frontend results such as customer satisfaction and retention, revenue generation and profitability. The Company couples deep process knowledge and insights with a focused IT approach, targeted analytics and pragmatic engineering to deliver an integrated process solution.

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